Infographic illustration raw scans

by Andy Zeigert

3 min read

In a past life, I worked at a newspaper as a graphics reporter. Among other things, I made infographics and key art for all sections of the paper. I relied heavily on digital tools (Photoshop, Illustrator) but when it came to sketching or original art I was and remain stubbornly old school.

I stumbled upon this cache of raw scans for infographics and illustrations and decided to share them, with some minimial context.


Pencil drawing showing steps to surgically correct an aneurysm. Something to do with an aneurysm? I think I eventually traced this in Illustrator.

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Using systemd timers as a cron replacement

by Andy Zeigert

5 min read

Screenshot of result of running systemctl status for a systemd timer.

I recently decided to upgrade an old utility instance on AWS from Amazon Linux 2 to Amazon Linux 2023. This was mostly easy, as the linux flavors are very similar, however…

Cron is not installed by default on Amazon Linux 2023, and AWS recommends using systemd to run scheduled tasks instead of using cron. So I decided to learn how to do that.

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Central Oregon Book Project illustrations

by Andy Zeigert

2 min read

A couple years ago I had the privilege of creating illustrations for Central Oregon Book Project a volume put together and edited by writer (and close friend of mine) Kimberly Bowker.

The book was funded on Kickstarter and published in a nice little modern zine format. It contains prose and poetry from a number of local authors waxing eloquent about our High Desert home.

I liked some of those pen and ink drawings, so I'm sharing them below.

Fort Rock Fort Rock

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