Hi, my name is Andy Zeigert (he/him). I write here about art, mapmaking and web development, but you can also find me at @zeigert on mastadon.social.
Feel free to email me at andy@zeigert.com.

Andy Zeigert circa... a while ago. Dressed as a centurion for Halloween.

Brief bio

Born in Indiana in 1983.

Grew up not far away until 2001, when I moved a little farther away for college.

Moved much farther away in 2005. Have resided in Oregon ever since.

Was a graphics journalist at a mid-sized daily newspaper for 10 years before making a career change to web development.

Have since worked at a medium-sized engineering firm working on all kinds of interesting technology projects to help our scientists and engineers get their work done.

Leading with all of that only scratches the surface, of course. I don't really consider my job to be my defining charactaristic. But I will probably use this space to write about web development, among other things, and you should know that up front.


Less important elsewhere but you're welcome to follow me

  • Duolingo Incentivize me to keep engaging the owl!
  • League of Comic Geeks Top vote for worst name for a service I like
  • Letterboxd Feels like I used to watch a lot more movies
  • Chess.com Play me! I'm not very good!
  • Goodreads Thinking about switching to a fediverse reading tracker, but still here for now
  • LinkedIn Yeah, I know. Seems like the career equivalent of car insurance — doesn't really seem important until you need it
  • Puzzmo I've been doing their crossword almost every day for a while now
  • bandcamp Just a fan, I don't upload any music there

I'm @zeigert or @ajzeigert on many other services, but chances are that if I didn't mention them above, I don't use them much.