Central Oregon Book Project illustrations

by Andy Zeigert

2 min read

A couple years ago I had the privilege of creating illustrations for Central Oregon Book Project a volume put together and edited by writer (and close friend of mine) Kimberly Bowker.

The book was funded on Kickstarter and published in a nice little modern zine format. It contains prose and poetry from a number of local authors waxing eloquent about our High Desert home.

I liked some of those pen and ink drawings, so I'm sharing them below.

Fort Rock Fort Rock

Monkey Face at Smith Rock, as seen from the west Monkey Face at Smith Rock

Paulina Peak, Newberry Volcano, as seen from the northwest Paulina Peak at Newberry Volcano

Pilot Butte Pilot Butte in Bend

Three Sisters and Broken Top, as seen from the southeast Three Sisters (and Broken Top)

I grew up in the flat Midwest, which has a beauty of its own, but when I moved out west I immediately fell in love with the prominent volcanic features of Central Oregon, a potent reminder that the surface of the earth is not still, it is constantly remaking itself, even if our short human life spans can't perceive it.