What this website is for

by Andy Zeigert

1 min read

I kept a blog briefly in the early '00s. Shortly thereafter, I ran out of things to say. So I deleted it.

Then came social media. I was a heavy twitter user, dumping a lot of thoughts onto that platform. I met some cool people there. Then it got shittier, and yet I somehow found myself putting far too much energy into it. So I quit posting. My account remains there, and occasionally look through the timeline. I still kind of miss early twitter.

I used Flickr for a while. Tried Tumblr. I post very infrequently to Instagram.

Lately I've been inspired by what's going on with the fediverse and indieweb, and decided that it was time to centralize my identity around a domain name. And a domain name needs to point to something. And that something is this.

I'm still figuring out what I want to do here. I'd like it to serve as a portfolio eventually. I'm not sure how often I will write posts, but if I do, they will probably be about web development, philosophy or art in all its many forms.